My New Thing...

Hey ya'll, I haven't blogged in FOREVER, obviously. I have taken a long extended break (that probably isn't over just yet). I wanted to stop by here and explain why that break has taken place. In 2014 I discovered photography. I started taking pictures of friends here and there and just learning the basics of taking a decent photo, it continued into a growth of wanting to learn as much as I possibly could about photography. 

My dad gave me Lightroom and Photoshop for Christmas that year and I started to learn even more, how to edit, how to take better pictures that didn't need as much editing, refining my editing, trying to find a style etc. 

In the last year it has started to take off, I shot 3 weddings on my own at the end of 2015, I have done many engagement shoots, bridals, portrait sessions, booked more weddings for 2016, more engagement sessions, more bridal sessions, well.... you get the idea; it has taken off.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to start making some sort of income off of it, making new connections with people and doing collaborative work with some of my favorite Instagramers and people in the industry in Utah. This little business of mine kind of took off without me even realizing it, and I have started to dedicate more and more time to it. So basically I wanted to come on here, post a couple images of my work and invite whoever wants to follow my photography to do so. I'm going to start back up with my fashion blog in the future, but for now my focus is on my photos. So I hope to see some of you along my photography journey.

Website/blog: samkayphotography.wordpress.com (currently using this for a class in school)
Instagram: @s.k.photo_ (better to follow here and will announce when my official website is live)