Seventy Fifth Post with Shop 1802...

Wow this is my 75th post on my blog. WOOOO. So many things have changed since I started this little baby of mine. I have worked multiple different jobs, gone back to school, decided I wanted to quit school and go to hair school, decided I should probably stay in school so I re-enrolled, started photography, changed majors, and met so many wonderful people on the way. 

Life is such a crazy journey, being a girl from Utah who loves the fact that I have the both mountains and a large metropolitan area right by me and moving to Idaho (where I can't even buy my desired mascara in a store by the way) you could say it is something I never thought I would have done. Ever. Ever. Ever. Did I say ever? You get it. Okay, well news flash Sam, sometimes you end up liking where you live. Weird. That's right never thought I would admit it but I kind of like this little state we call Idahome. (although I will hopefully be moving AS SOON AS I GRADUATE.... in 3 years.... *insert eye rolls and boos here*) Point being, it's all in the attitude, and Idaho ain't so bad.

This dress Is from 1802 a cute store I found via Instagram, they have a variety of looks for affordable prices, you won't be disappointed when you check them out. On top of those affordable prices they are giving my followers/readers a discount YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
so at checkout use the discount code: sammosssam30 for 30% off your purchase, the code will be valid until July 13, 2015 :)

Dress: gifted by 1802 


  1. Wow you and your blog have come a long way!!! Congrats Sami Moss😀

  2. What a crazy journey! I definitely sympathize, but I think that's so important for being well rounded! All the best luck in the future :)

    xx, Ashleigh | www.fashioninflight.com