Westwood Sunglasses...

Summer is in full swing and sunglasses are clearly a necessity for your summer time activities. I grew up in a family where my Grandpa is a very talented carpenter and my dad also did woodworking. So wood crafted things have always intrigued me. Not only that but I have a lot of entrepreneurs in my family so supporting local has been a BIG thing for me. So when I was contacted by Westwood I was STOKED to say the least. This company is a local Utah company (#REPRESENT), these sunglasses are wooden sunglasses made out of different types of wood. 

They are getting ready to launch their tribal line and they are doing it through Kickstarter, they are a great company with quality products. I'm telling you these glasses are sturdy. Perfect for beach days, lounging by the pool, or longboarding down the canyon. 

Westwood Kickstarter: HERE

It's over at the end of the month so if you want to support them you should do it soon. 

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  1. I absolutely love these glasses! They look so cool and a really great brand to support!
    Xo, Kristi