Sometimes life hits harder than you thought possible...


Sometimes I look at my life and think, what the heck have I accomplished? Why am I 21 and still in college with 3 years left to go? Why do I change my mind like every minute of what I want to do with my life? (ie, I'm not going to hair school anymore and will be finishing college online, but that will be for a different post). Today was freaking rough, emotionally, mentally, physically, you name the emotion I felt it... and as I'm sure you know being a roller coaster is not something that people enjoy and look forward to... 

Even though today was so hard and I am beyond relieved that it is over, I realized something today. I realized that even though life sucks, life is beautiful. Even though there are sucky people in your life there are ones that are beyond amazing. Even though we feel extremely low at times those moments are matched with extreme happiness. Life is BEAUTIFUL, and nothing that is worth it is easy. The best things in life are the ones that you struggle through because at the end of it you can look back and say "yeah, I beat the shit out of that and became a better person because of it." We get to have sucky days, weeks, months, maybe years so we can realize how freaking awesome we are as human beings. If we didn't have the struggle, what would the reward be?

I have been so blessed these last couple of months to build relationships with extremely amazing people. People that I can call and cry about stupid things to, and that will listen to me and genuinely express concern for my irrational emotions. People that will sit around a kitchen counter with me and say "don't give up, it'll be hard, but you gotta try before you run the other direction." People that have been by my side the last two extremely hard years and still are willing to listen to me on the phone and make me feel like I'm important, even when they are having a hard time themselves. 

The company I am featuring on my blog today has a very special place in my heart. This isn't just a clothing line, it's a way of life. STAY. The whole idea behind this company is to stay who you are, be yourself, you do you and let them do them. There are a couple of different sayings printed on the shirts, but I chose Stay Free because sometimes I get so worried about who I am going to disappoint, where I am going to be next, what is going to happen a year from now etc. I think it is important to let loose and just be what you want to be. They also have other great clothes (I will be posting another look in a couple of days). But be sure to check them out and follow them on instagram @staywearclothing

Life is hard but life is beautiful.  

TShirt: c/o STAY || Bracelets: Alex and Ani

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