I was talking to my little sister the other night and she said this to me "as soon as you are content with who you are is when you need to re-evaluate your life." Think about it for a second, we always need to be progressing in life, we should always be seeking out ways to better ourself, as well as help other people. Never should we be 'content' in life. 

We always need to look out for new opportunities. Why would you want to stagnant in life? I know personally I am always looking for ways to be better at something I am doing in life (lol that usually never school) except I love my accounting class, call me crazy, but I really am excited for my major. I love talking to new people and old friends to see what I can do to help them. Basically my point is don't be content, reach outside your comfort zone, do things you would not normally think of doing, reach outside of yourself and try to ALWAYS be progressing, in whatever that may be.

Oh yeah I chopped my hair off and got a new color!! It has been a process but I am finally happy with the results. Have a safe and fun weekend everyone!! :)

Kimono and Top : PacSun || Bracelets : Alex and Ani

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