Sometimes, Life Calls for Starbucks

First week of the winter semester is over and I'm starting in to the second. Looking back on the last week it is kind of ridiculous how much has happened! Decisions I wasn't happy about, and ones that I feel completely at peace about. Last night I was together with my roommates and guys from our FHE group, we all had a pretty good heart to heart. After the boys left us girls sat in a circle and talked about the things we are grateful for! Sounds super cheesy, I know. But we all needed this little circle more than anything and more than any of us really knew. Friendships grew last night, hearts were touched, and strength was given. I am so blessed to be surrounded by the people that I am. So although yesterday was rough, and it called for a Starbucks run (which here in Rexburg is more like an hour long affair and not just a 15 minute thing) I am so blessed and truly grateful for all of those in my life. Happy Tuesday! 

Sweater: c/o Pink Blush || Beanie: c/o Stay 

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