Polette Eyewear + Giveaway

Well for starters I'm blonde again!! Oh, and maybe a little bit of blue is in there too... Let me just talk about people for a second... People can be cool, fun, entertaining, uplifting, and all that other good stuff. Let's just say that I am probably the only person in this WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD that is ready for this Christmas Break to be over and school to be back on, all because I am ready to be back with my people. The good ones, the happy ones, the fun ones. My mom has always said "you have a big impact on other people, a ripple effect, whether that be good or bad, you have an impact, and it doesn't just end at that one person." Okay mom thanks for the overwhelming wisdom. Because as I get older this statement just hits me harder in the face every year. So lets be those positive people this next year that make crazy people like me want vacations to end because you miss your people so much! I'm making it a goal to be someones person, someones happy person. 

Now on to these awesome sunglasses from Polette! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. Okay but not only do I love the ones that I'm wearing in this post, but their whole website is soooo unique. Never have I seen as many tasteful but unique sunglasses and frames in one place as I have on Polette. You buy a pair of sunglasses from them I promise you will be the only one in town that has them, you'll be the kool kid on the block. Basically you need a pair of their frames, and guess what? It is your lucky day because I have teamed up with them to give one of my readers/followers just that! Just scroll through the post to the bottom and enter the giveaway at the end ***there are entries you can do more than once, which means more chances to win*** I chose sunglasses because I do not need corrective lenses, however Polette also offers frames that you can get to be adjusted to your eyesight!!

Sunnies c/o Polette || Sweater Gap (clearanced out, but gap has awesome sweaters right now) || Leggings UA (you need these, I promise) || Boots: similar

Polette is offering my readers 15% off the entire website with the code Awesome (case sensitive) be sure to use it because it will expire January 30!!


  1. Replies
    1. Oops! http://www.polette.com/en/lady/sunglasses/mono-leopard.html

    2. I'm loving the Ella sunnies!!!! <3 http://www.polette.com/en/lady/sunglasses/ella.html

  2. I love the Julio pair! So cute! The pair you picked are super cute too!

  3. I like this pair: http://www.polette.com/en/daim.html
    (Rafflecopter name is Kimberly).

  4. there are so many to choose from..after looking for what seems like forever, i would love these: http://www.polette.com/en/lady/sunglasses/gusta.html


  5. http://www.polette.com/en/trophee.html

  6. LOVE these!