New Year // New Me

Well it's New Years Eve everyone, a time of the year where we reflect on the things of the current year and set goals and hope for the next one to come. So this post is gonna be about just that.

Top ten highlights of 2014: 
1. Finally got my butt in to gear and went to college like a big girl
2. Started this little blog 
3. Got back in to the dance studio after 5 years
4. Turned 21 (that's right this girl is legal now, not that it really matters LOL)
5. Met my roommates fall semester that will be lifelong friends
6. One of the bestie's got married and I got to go to AZ for the wedding
7. Saw Blake Shelton live in concert and almost died of fan girl excitement
8. Went on a cruise with the best family anyone could ask for
9. Rediscovered my faith
10. Found out a little bit more of who I AM  

Ten goals for 2015:
1. Be more selfless
2. Become more outgoing and meet more people
3. Get better grades (A LOT better grades HA)
4. Be better at posting on this baby more
5. Put lyrics I wrote to music and record the song
6. Eat healthier, be better at working out
7. Dance more
8. Worry less
9. Start eating breakfast at least 3 times a week
10. Be a little more spontaneous

My sister and I were able to come to St. George and spend a little time with our family down here. It is always so good to see the people that truly love and care for you. It is nice to have cousins you can call brothers and sisters and when you are having a tough time call them up one day and say "hey can I come crash at your house" and without hesitation they let you in. So thanks STG fam. Love you.

Shirt: H&M (similar) || Jacket: Gap ON SALE || Skirt: Forever 21 || 
Bracelets: Alex and Ani || Tights: Francesca's || Boots: Forever Young Shoes (similar)


  1. I can definitely relate to the "eat more breakfasts" one. I'm terrible, I always end up skipping in and having an early lunch instead. lol! Hope you have a great New Year's!

  2. Love you, love your blog and love St George :):):): keep up the blogging