My November Wantable Collection!

Today I'm telling you guys about this awesome company I came across, Wantable. The idea behind this company is phenomenal. You go to their website and choose a category based on what collection you want to receive. I chose makeup, they have four different collections you can choose from; Makeup, Accessories, Intimates, and their new collection Fitness!

The process is easy as 1, 2, 3... First you choose your collection and take a short quiz on what things you like and dislike, second items are handpicked JUST FOR YOU and sent directly to your doorstep, last you can enjoy the items you love and if there are some you don't particularly like you can send those back (with no extra shipping charges might I add). However I loved all the items I received so I have kept and used them all :) 

The collection is a price of $40.00 but let me show you how great the breakdown is... 
1. Surratt Beauty Lipstick: retailed at $34.00 
2. Eddie Funkhouser Blush: $8.99
3. Eddie Funkhouser Foundation Brush: $16.99
4. Mirabella Lipstick Pencil: $23.00
Total Retail Value: $82.98
You're saving 50% ladies that's huge you save so much money on quality products! Be sure to check them out, I promise you won't be disappointed.

wantable collection, make up

wantable, make up

Packaged just for me!! :)

wantable, make up

Wantabel Makeup Collection: c/o Wantable

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