Stay Fierce *

Okay, it's real life talk today. How often do you hear about being 'Fierce'? If you're like me, at least once a day (maybe thats pushing it, but a lot). What do we think of when we think about being fierce? I think of rocking what you got and OWNING it. However I find myself as a blogger trying to be 'fierce' by trying to gain so many followers my brain hurts, boost my comments on Insta and my blog, take better pictures, make friends with the best blogger ladies (which they're all great you can't really go wrong). My point is I have recently found myself basing my success on my follower number. Guys, I have become so obsessed with it that I have an app that tracks my followers and I check it more than once a day. THIS IS NOT GOOD. 

I'll be the one to admit it because we all do it. As girls we find this weird satisfaction of having more followers than 'her' or getting more likes on a pic then someone else. I know people who post a gram and if it doesn't get a certain amount of likes in a certain amount of time they delete it.... Why do we base our success and happiness on what someone else does on the screen of their phone? Why does a follow or a double tap make that big of a difference to us? 

I decided to look up the word Fierce on Urban Dictionary. I know it's not a legit definition but come on Urban Dictionary nails definitions of todays slang right on so it works. My favorite two of the seven that came up were these: A word that describes something as outstanding, really cool, eye catching, brutal and satisfying; the combination of a positive mental spirit, bold words and unapologetic actions used collectively. 

Something I have learned from blogging is it is best to be you! Everyone says that all the time but it's true. Not only that, but if you want to try something new GO FOR IT. You would not have caught me dead wearing a lip color this dark 2 years ago, I didn't think I could pull it off, I was going to be the one girl that looked weird if I wore it. FALSE ladies. If you believe you can pull it off and you own it you can pull it off. Confidence is key! Do you and rep it hard. Be the bad ass you want to be or the beautiful girl next door. BOLD words and UNAPOLOGETIC actions. Do what you want for you, don't worry about what the girl next to you looks like or what anyone might think of your Instagram post, if you like it do it. No turning back. Following and likes are just a superficial number. I promise they don't make you feel better... I can have a really good gain day and pull in 50+ followers, and guess what? I feel the exact same I did 50 followers before that. But when I'm myself, positive about life, and I'm ME, I get sincere feedback and let me tell you, that is rewarding. When people can relate to you and you can relate back to them. 

Basically this post is me saying forget the haters, be thankful that you are as awesome as you are and don't let ANYONE tell you differently. Do you. Always. On that note Stay Fierce ladies, Stay Fierce.

Faux Fur Vest, Mason and Belle, AE Jeans

leopard shoes

faux fur vest, mason and belle, alex and ani, berry lipstick, mac cosmetics

faux fur vest, mason and belle, berry lipstick, mac cosmetics

 Vest: Thrifted {similar} || Sweater: c/o Mason & Belle  
Jeggings: AE || Bracelets: Alex and Ani 
 Booties: c/o Forever Young Shoes || Lips: Mac Diva 


  1. Nailed it! So much truth here, just keep on doing what you're doing! Also you thrifted that vest? Score! It's so cute. Rexburg sure does look freezing this time of year! I miss it!


    1. Thanks so much for reading girl! :) It means a lot. Well technically my friend thrifted it, then it didn't fit her so I thrifted it from her! Thanks so much for putting your blog down. Can't wait to follow along super jealous of all you and your hubbies travels!! XO