Goodbye College, Helllloo Thanksgiving!

Today is the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break (not so secretly though, yesterday was my last day because I opt out of my science class quite often) Going to school at BYU-Idaho is a little difficult because you NEVER get breaks, no fall break, no spring break, so Thanksgiving break becomes a big deal! All I can think about is how I am completely going to stuff my face with stuffing!! Take naps, go shopping, take a quick trip home to Utah and not do homework. At all. Ever. School is off limits for me starting tomorrow. 

I love this outfit and yes I know it is completely random, mismatched styles, tons of color (which I usually don't do) but I LOVE it. I feel like there is something about it that looks like it is organized chaos. It goes together somehow and I wear it more than I should probably. These combat boots from Forever Young Shoes have become a beloved staple in my closet, I wear them with everything. Not to mention this lacey cardi from Sugar Love Boutique... Usually this would be a spring item that I wouldn't wear during winter... However, I have found many different outfits I can wear it with and it adds a little more elegance to a wintery outfit. 

I hope all my fellow readers that are still in school have a great Thanksgiving Break, and to all those that are lucky enough to be done with school I hope you have a great time with your family and friends! Everyone be safe over the holiday!!

Alex and Ani, neff, beanie, alex and ani, christmas sweater, combat boots

neff, beanie, sugar love boutique, alex and ani

neff, beanie, sugar love boutique, alex and ani, colorful sweater

neff, beanie, alex and ani, sugar love boutique,

(this pic is clearly a blooper haha)

Beanie: Neff || Sweater: old {similar} || Leggings: AE  
Boots: c/o Forever Young Shoes || Bracelets: Alex and Ani 
Lace Cardigan: c/o Sugar Love Boutique {similar}

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