A little place I call home + The Homies

So this weekend I flew from Idaho Falls to AZ because one of my best friends is getting MARRIED. What?! It's crazy... But I'm so excited for her and her hubby to be. Vacation is always nice, but as much as I hate to say it, when I leave The Burg I actually miss it... So I have had these pictures for a while (yeah I know the quality is bad x100) but here's a peek into my apartment, which will hopefully be better decorated next semester ;) this week we are adding an extra couch, a decorated Christmas tree (that's right I said it, sue me) and we have added a rug. Maybe I should do some DIY posts..? 

All of our nicknames on the chalkboard. Can you guess which one is mine?

We doodle all over our fridge because one we can and two it's A.R.T.

My sister and I's attempt to decorate.

I only put this picture on here because it is a real struggle trying to fit my clothes, I have TWO extra sets of drawers and still not enough room to put it all.... Not to mention my shoe collection has grown since this picture was taken.

Then the main reason (I'm homesick) & that I can call The Burg my home now is because of these 4 girls right here. My sister, and 3 adopted ones. They are my home now, these girls are my family.

Sorry for the sappy post, thanks for reading though! Stay tuned for the outfit that I'm wearing to the wedding!! XOXO 

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