Spontaneity and It's Glory + New Blog Design

Last weekend I checked my Instagram around 1am and saw an invitation to an event in Sugar House Utah for Uptown Cheepskate's grand opening there. I was so excited for the invite, the only draw back... I live in Rexburg Idaho for school right now. I was up chatting with my roommates when I got the invite and well, we decided to pack up and make a quick, and I mean QUICK trip to Utah. We were there for less than 24 hours. Crazy

It was so worth it though, I got a couple awesome steals that I am so excited to share with everyone in some upcoming posts. This store is great and I will definitely be returning. Something else so great about it? You can sell the clothes you don't wear anymore and in doing so help someone else find a hidden treasure they may have never had without you. This store is definitely one you need to check out. 

Later that night I was able to go to a beauty event at Nordstrom City Creek. Little do you know that there are products at the City Creek location that in the state of Utah it is the only place you can buy them. It was so fun learning about the new products coming out for fall. All I can say is deep berry lips are HOT HOT HOT this fall. After the event I was able to go to dinner with some of my new found blogger friends, it was so fun and am so blessed to be apart of this blogging community.

On top of all this, check out the new design on the blog. How do you like it? Because I LOVE it. Sydney who writes The Seven Story Blog custom designed it for me. I cannot thank her enough. I seriously love it. She was so nice and easy to work with. So thanks again Sydney!!

Absolutely LOVE this girl! Check out her blog ----> HERE

(our reenactment of the sassy girl emojis)

Pants: AE
Top: Similar
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: c/o Pink Blush


  1. Girl, you are so cute! <3
    Loving the new blog design!

    1. Thanks Carmen!! So excited to see you tomorrow night!! :)

  2. Love this! Glad we met and became friends :)