Aloha 'ili Scrub

Alright let's talk exfoliation for a minute. It's winter we live in a desert, that means DRY SEASON ladies. We all know it, and we all have an inside problem with it. Well I found your cure for this year's dry season (and pretty much any other time of the year)

A common step we leave out of our skin care routine is exfoliating. Yet it is so crucial. Think about it, your skin is always going through stages right? It needs to be taken care of to the up most quality. Exfoliation smooths the skin and makes it feel like a nice baby's bottom. Okay will now add the coffee bean to the scrub, this helps stretch marks, acne, and even scaring. That's right it's like a 4 in one product. You can never go wrong with that, am I right? Plus 'ili is located and made in Hawaii!! Anything from Hawaii is a little piece of heaven in my opinion, not to mention it's made in Hawaii by the resources in Hawaii. Which means this little piece of heaven is LOCAL, US made, if you know me you know how much I love America and when products are locally owned and operated it puts a little smile on my face.

Anyway, I loved the scrub! It comes in different scents which is awesome. It smells like a little spa in a bag. I cant wait to take a bath with it, just sit and relax. Make sure you check them out!!!

'ili Coffee Scrub: c/o 'ili

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