It's definitely August, and obviously I'm posting a semi patriotic outfit; but I love America, so why not celebrate all year long? I have been looking for white shorts for the LONGEST time. I had a pair quite some time ago and it was time they were replaced. Working at the outlets in Lehi has been nice because I know when all the good sales are happening at specific stores. On my break one day I noticed that Ralph Lauren was having a sale on a big portion of their store. Went in, found these shorts (that I also wore in this post) for a good $20 and was sold. I love them, and they're high quality. Who can beat that? Not to mention Ralph Lauren gives student discounts, so take your ID in and go shopping. School is on its way, why not have a little shopping spree before hand? :)

PS. I want to give a special thanks to everyone who read my last post, sent me FB messages, commented, texted, verbally talked to me about it, shared with friends, etc. It truly means a lot. I hope those who read the last post will continue to follow along. I appreciate the support, and am glad I was able to share my story. If you missed it you can still read that post here

Shirt & Shorts: Ralph Lauren || Shoes: Forever Young Shoes || Bracelets: Alex and Ani

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  1. Love your outfit, love those bracelets too!