Confession: Sometimes I shop in the Men's Department....

Yeah, the title says it all. This shirt is definitely a mens shirt from H&M. But it's cute, and it fits well if you just go down a couple sizes. So, why not right? I love baseball tees because they are so simple yet super cute. Plus this shirt says Nashville on it, as well as a batter, so I couldn't not buy it. 

Realization of the week: I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night and basically decided life is super boring if you choose that. You have to do things outside of your comfort zone, as well as actually do SOMETHING in order to make life exciting. I'm stoked for the next two weeks because I have absolute freedom before school starts, so I get to make life as exciting as I want to! :) summer may be over for most of you, but I'm still going strong! Shout out to Rexburg for that little perk! Anyway, here's to Thursday, everyone's favorite 'Almost Friday' day!!

Top : H&M (almost purchased this one too)
Jeans : AE
Shoes : Converse via Nordstrom
Bracelets : Alex and Ani

Photography: Ashley Morgan Photography || Website || Instagram || Facebook

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