3D Fiber Mascara & a Floppy Hat

I found a product I want to tell you guys about. Because you will LOVE it. I used to get eyelash extensions, which I'm sure many of you have tried. I loved mine while I had them but unfortunately I love picking at my lashes (not good, I know) but once I didn't have them anymore I also didn't have any lashes left. I'm not exaggerating when I say I had probably 3 lashes on each eye. I cried a lot that day to say the least.

I have been on the search for the mascara that will help my lashes look fuller and longer. We've all seen the commercials for Covergirl, Maybelline, etc. But I found a product that legit works!! It's one of the many products by the cosmetic company called Younique, the 3D Fiber Mascara. It's a little bizarre the first time you use it, I'll be honest. You apply the gel (that's black) and then you apply fibers to the lashes while they are still wet and then top it off with more gel to seal it. You can do as many coats of that process that you want. In the first picture I only did one, then in the outfit pictures I added a second coat.

Younique products are all natural! That's good news especially for you ladies who are allergic to normal makeup. Another awesome thing about the mascara is that it is water resistant, yet comes off super easy with water and facial cleanser. So you can cry all you want without smearing it and becoming a raccoon, but wash it off super easy when you're done. 

Younique is an awesome company they have more than just mascara so for you girls that get your lashes done, head on over and check out their other products, such as lipgloss, pigments, foundations, and blushes to name a few! 
The links on this page will last for ONLY 10 days, so be sure to go get some product while you can. Let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to answer them. 

I also went and got a fresh brow wax from Spa TrouvĂ© today in Highland. I didn't even know we had a spa in Highland so I'm pretty excited about that. Not to mention a 60 minute massage starts at only $49 so that's definitely happening soon :) 

* Shirt and Hat // Bhome Boutique {hat, top not online}
* Lips // MAC Diva
* Necklace // The Loft {similar}
* Bracelets // Alex and Ani
* Boots // Forever Young Shoes {similar, found on clearance!!}
* Eyes // Younique 3D Fiber

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