The Loft

Well it's been quite a while since I blogged (not having a good camera, and being a blogger isn't easy). But I went out with Rachel and finally took some with her! LIFESAVER. Sad to see her go in two weeks, but you can bet that I will be flying up to Oregon to see her in the future. 

This dress pretty much speaks for itself. The best part about it? It was clearance for 19.99 + a percentage off of that. Basically a steal! I have been searching for a good statement necklace and I finally found one, this necklace just makes me happy inside...

These accessories get their own paragraph because that's how much I love them. My Alex And Ani bracelets. Each of these bracelets symbolizes something in my life. My collection means something completely different to me then the same collection someone else has to them. I LOVE this company and am completely addicted to them. Still working on getting my charmed arms completely charmed. But one bracelet at a time right?

Dress & Necklace: The Loft || Shoes: Aldo || Bracelets: Alex And Ani

PS. Tomorrow's post is one that is a bit more serious, but I'm beyond excited to talk about it. So please check back tomorrow, and share with your friends :)


  1. I know how you feel about the camera.... They are so pricey I am hoping to get one for Christmas. Then maybe you and I could go take pictures I am sure my hubby gets sick of it sometimes! Cute dress by the way!

    1. Yeah it gets hard for sure. That's my hope too that I can get one for Christmas, maybe my birthday haha!! Thanks for leaving comments I love reading them:)

  2. Darling dress, love the necklace and I want charmed arms