FTND - My Story

Okay guys it's time to get real. This post is less about clothes, and more about an issue that is sweeping the globe. An issue that so commonly gets swept under the rug and never gets talked about. But the truth is, how are we supposed to be educated about something unless we talk about it? How do kids know that smoking isn't good for them? Because we talk about it, and therefore they are aware of the affects it could have. The truth is there is a new drug, and it's pornography. 

So here is my story, and the reason I have decided to talk about this issue on my blog.

I was any other baby born in to a cute couple living in Provo Utah, a happy family living in Utah County the dad finishing up school at BYU. Two and a half years later my little sister came along and I had an instant best friend. We grew up with two loving parents, going on family vacations, having fun at the lake, and spending time in our backyard with each other; the typical American family.

I grew up with parents that loved each other, parents who supported us in what we did, and who gave us the world. I watched friends go through divorce, I met friends who's parents had been divorced and now had step parents, and step siblings. Never in my life did I think that would be my family. We loved each other, we got along, life was good. 

One day in November that all changed, I learned of a Porn problem in the family (this post has no intention of pointing fingers, but to bring attention to an issue that has more problems then what lies on the screen) we were going to work through this as a family, because that's what families do. They love each other and help each other through the hard times. However after a week of changing things in our lives, being better at praying together, reading the scriptures etc. It was brought to the attention of the family that the addiction had moved from the computer to infidelity. 

As any woman would my mom decided she could no longer live in this situation, that was when my parents separated and my family's lives would change forever. It has been almost 8 months now and as of today my parents are officially divorced. I'm now one of those kids I never thought I would be. Now my family gets to join hundreds of thousands of other families who are broken due to this new drug brought to us at extreme convenience thanks to the 21st century.

That is why I have total respect for Fight The New Drug. A foundation that is trying to bring this issue to the attention of people in a positive and cool way. Check out their website, become part of the movement. Because as cool as the industry makes it out to be, it isn't. Porn destroys families, and relationships. It is a drug of the 21st century, being backed by countless medical studies.

I hope that maybe my story can be shared in hopes that it changes someone's mind about clicking enter on that link, or purchasing that adult package on a business trip while alone at the hotel. In hopes that I can help to maybe save a future family, so theirs doesn't end up like mine, broken and un-repairable. 

So in closing, a huge thank you to the porn industry with helping destroy my family and countless others, while making a profit off of our pain.

Porn Kills Love Tee: Fight The New Drug || Shorts: Ralph Lauren || Shoes: Nordstrom || Hat: Vans


  1. Thank you for sharing! I also come from a family where porn destroyed our lives(my father was involved in it and because of it ended up on the sex-offenders list, though my parents stayed together). Know you are not alone.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! It's an issue that I really want to bring to the forefront because of families like yours and mine! Glad to know I'm not alone.

  2. Not sure where my post went. Great Blog Post Beautiful!! I'm sorry your family has suffered such a devastating year. I think you're a brave young lady to share with the world the sadness you are experience from an epidemic that is ruining families across the country. Hang in there and continue to fight the fight!!

  3. I also hope families can work through it as some may interpret divorce as meaning they can never come clean and get help because their family will not be able to make the long journey it takes. They then choose to feed the addiction in secret further entrenching it.

  4. Thanks for sharing. The devastation to families is something we constantly at a very, very real level. This is NOT a harmless pastime.

  5. Thank you for opening up about that! I know it must have been hard. LOVE YOU!