Floral Princess

It has clearly been a while since my last post, and let me tell you how excited I am to post this one. I have been in contact with a local florist called Sheer Rose. They found me on Instagram and then I turned right around and stalked their work. I absolutely love their arrangements. Hopefully one day I can hire them to do my wedding! :) It might be a good idea to actually start dating in order for that to happen, but who needs boys or a wedding when you can just wear pretty floral crowns like this one with a lace dress and some stilettos? 

I was able to work with not only Sheer Rose, but the lovely Rachel who writes rachelsayumi.com. I love this girl! We have fun taking pictures and occasionally grabbing a bite to eat. But we had a really good time during this shoot and could not get over how much we loved the crown. Rachel was 'secretly' taking selfies in my car on the way back from the shoot ;) So be sure to check out how Rachel styled the crown over on her blog! And if you are in the market for a floral crown or need a florist for a special occasion I highly suggest contacting the ladies of Sheer Rose :) Thanks for reading, and happy hump day!! :) 

Dress: Ann Taylor (old) || Shoes: Windsor (old) || Crown: c/o Sheer Rose || Necklace: The Emporium

PS. I'm looking for someone who can do a killer ombre... If you know of anyone in the Utah County or SLC area, shoot me an email please. I would definitely appreciate it :)


  1. Hahahah oh no you saw my selfies ;) lol love you!

    1. Haha I definitely saw them! And they turned out great!:) #carselfiesarethebest