Black Bird Singing In The Dead Of Night...

Do I wear this tank often? Yes!!! I wear it alllll the time. It's legit one of my favorite pieces in my closet. See it in other posts here and here. I bought it at Ross a couple years back, if you find a similar tank anywhere I suggest you snatch it right off the rack. 

But let me take a minute and introduce you to my new all time FAVORITE store. I'm obsessed. It's called Alex and Ani. They mainly sell bracelets with some earrings, necklaces, and I have a keychain as well. This store is awesome. Each bracelet you buy has a charm on it, the bracelet comes with a card that tells you a little bit more about what the bracelet signifies. Each bracelet is made in America, with recycled materials, and infused with positive energy :) you can buy different bracelets that signify different things in your life, you build up your arm and create a collection of positive reminders. They have some charms where proceeds of your purchase are given to different charities, as well as they give student discounts! Major plus. I kid you not I will go in every two weeks when my pay check processes to add to my collection (it has grown since these pictures were taken). I highly suggest going in to their store at City Creek and checking out what they are all about. I PROMISE you will not be disappointed, and almost guarantee you walk out with a little arm candy! :) 

Who's getting pumped for The Fourth? I know I definitely am!!:) 

The round charm is 'path of life' symbolizing what I have gone through and who I have become from it, and the friends charm is one I got with my bestie Rachel, it is a charity bracelet. :)

Tank: Ross (old) || Sparkle Tank: Bohme (old) || Plaid: Gap (men's, old) || Jeans: AE || 
Bracelets: Alex and Ani || Necklace: The Emprium || Shoes: Nordstrom 

Thanks for reading!! Hope y'all have fun plans for the holiday :)

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