A little something you probably don't know about me is that I'm kind of a wannabe country girl at heart. I love camping, I love fishing, I love country music ALL the time (and no, Taylor swift is not country), I love horseback riding, I love shooting guns, I love the mountains, and I have this fantasy that I'll live on a ranch one day. However, that probably will never happen because that's where the wannabe comes in.. I definitely still like my civilization too. Growing up I was determined to be a city girl, that was a corporate business woman, who lived in a sky-rise in NYC. But growing up with my grandpa, that slowly starts to fade. So I'm confused in the middle somewhere... Anyway, I love camo and can we take a second to thank whoever is bringing it back in, and hope it stays FOREVER? Thhis is also the same tank I work in this post here. Today I'm excited to get to have a family day in Salt Lake! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. It's almost the weekend. Yay!!!

Jeans: AE Converse: Nordstrom Tank: Ross Old Jacket: Nordstrom old {similar}
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  1. These are really cute pics. I want your shoes!