A Little Journey...

A while back I took a trip to St. George for a fake spring break (check out the post here) while I was down there I accidentally left my most FAVORITE necklace at my Aunt's house. So through the past few weeks she thought it would be clever to take #3 on an adventure. My family members and I have quite enjoyed getting group texts of #3's journey through Utah.. Here are some of the pictures that were sent.

Here is the thing with the last two pictures... They were taken at my favorite cafe in STG 25 Main, if you are ever there you have to check this place out.. Breakfast, lunch, dinner all good! Not to mention the delicious cupcakes and all of their other awesome treats. Our family loves it, so if you stop by let me know what you think!! Thanks for stopping by today :) just wanted to share a little fun post! Have a very good weekend!!


  1. Love that last one in the cupcake! :)

    - www.meyouandhayleylarue.com

    1. sorry it has taken me a while to get back, I was on a cruise. But thank you! Thanks for commenting as well so I could find your blog. I will definitely be an avid reader. LOVE it. So cute!