The Name

Words of positivity and where the name of the blog came from! I put off starting a blog for almost a year because I couldn't come up with a name for it.. Seriously the struggle is real. I would say it is one of the most difficult things when wanting to start a blog. 

I was browsing Pinterest like all of us girls do, and I came across this quote. I LOVED it because of how true it is. I feel like all girls in life go through that struggle of learning to be confident in themselves. I know I have. We have things going on at home that we are trying to deal with, learning how to fit in socially, and trying to find out who we are, all at once. That's a lot of stress for young girls to deal with. So I feel like we may start to speak out about how we don't like ourselves, how we think we need to lose weight or why we don't like this or that about us. That's where the insecurities start to speak out, yet it gives a slight refreshing moment when one of your friends say "oh stop it, that's not true." So we continue to do it... So we can feel just a little better.

It was when I saw this quote I realized that saying things out loud don't make those things better, they don't just go away, some things we can change with hard work but some things just aren't going to go away. In reality what is saying something out loud going to change about that? I decided after seeing this quote that I was going to be confident in what I had and fix the things I didn't like if I had the power to do so. Then it hit me, why not make this the name of my blog? A girl that has struggled with confidence in the past, turning those things into something positive and then maybe help other people realize their self worth, or just brighten someone's day. 

I also wanted to be able to come out of my shell a little more and gain that confidence that we all want to have. I will be honest I feel so dumb going out and taking pictures. I definitely do not know how to pose for a picture, and I look so dumb in most of the ones I take. But it's a learning process and I'm loving doing it. So hopefully through finding and building my confidence I can help others find theirs too! Thanks for reading, I hope you guys have an awesome Wednesday :) 

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