Spring & Snow....

First off I want to thank my beautiful friend Rachel for taking these pics for me. She has officially made me want to go blow 500 dollars so I can get a camera like hers. But it was so fun going and doing a shoot with her. Little does she know she may get sick of me calling her to go and take more.... :)

So today I woke up and checked all my social media as usual to find out it was snowing, at the end of April.. What? Thank you Utah for being bipolar when it comes to weather. So I looked outside and sure enough little flurries coming down from above... *insert eye rolling emoji here* On a happier note I finally got the white chucks I have been dying to have all year! Yay!! This dress is seriously so comfy, it's like I'm basically wearing a nightgown! Love it.

Dress: H&M {similar} Tank: Ross Chucks: Nordstrom

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome Monday :)


  1. Cute cute! Glad you finally posted :)


    1. Yeah I've had a hard time going and taking pictures! I'm excited for that post you posted on Instagram! Super cute :)

  2. Ya I would have to agree that the pictures are the hardest part! I am excited to post it :)