Throwback Thursday?

I guess I just have a problem with living in the season that it is.. I am always looking to the future.. Since I'm writing this on Thursday I thought I would do a throwback to when I was a little bitty senior in high school! Crazy that it was almost 2 years ago now... Wow how time flies, you can't even blink with out missing something anymore. But it's fun to look back and remember the good times, the friends, and even the 'struggles' you thought you were having. Because anyone that is graduated would probably agree that they would rather deal with the issues that they had in high school than the ones they are dealing with now after being graduated! I know I am definitely one of those people. But here's to the good days, the trials that only make us stronger, and to a summer outfit worn in fall weather.... An outfit that I will definitely be wearing to a country concert this summer. haha hope everyone is having a good week, and have an awesome weekend!!:)

 ...oh the days of being 18!!...

PS. This dress was a solid find at Target! Seriously love that place!

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