Textured Sweater + Neff Beanie!

You know when you just aren't tired at night and you decide to make waffles with your roommate? That was definitely us two nights ago!! 1:00 am, Lex and I were cookin in the kitchen. Seriously nothing hits the spot like syrup late at night!! Thennn tonight at 1:00 am we were making what we decided to call cocaine chex, because it is seriously the best snack EVER, and anyone that tries it is instantly addicted! Basically my point is my sleep schedule is totally not what it should be.... Oh well living the college life.. YOLO! ;) haha 

These pictures finally kind of depict the wind of Rexburg. But not really, walking around on campus was like sitting in Dorothy's house while she was on her way to Oz. I had to hold my beanie down so it didn't fly off my head, it would creep up my forehead and I thought for sure a couple of times it was a goner. I love this textured sweater!! It's light weight enough that I think I may be able to get away with it during spring. Anyway have a solid weekend everybody :) thanks for stopping by and reading!!

Beanie: Neff via Zumiez
Sweater: PacSun Clearanced out {similar}
Jeans: H&M 
Necklace: Charlotte Russe old

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