I Want to be a Lumberjack!

Sometimes you just have to dress like a lumberjack! If you think about it, it would kind of be fun to be one. Hang out in the mountains, cut down trees, wear flannel, and eat pancakes!;) yeah lumberjacks make me happy! Or at least dressing like one does. I see all these other bloggers posting cute spring posts, and I'm still here doing wintery ones... Well in Rexburg it's still cold, so when it's warm maybe I can start wearing spring outfits.. If that happens before I move back to Utah for the summer...

Pretty much all the pieces to this outfit are old except for the pants. But it's the concept that matter. Stripes mixed with plaid (where can't you find those two things today? the answer is no where, because they are everywhere!!) Plain shirt, jeans, and combat boots! Bam, you got it. I do love these jeans though. They are from AE, and they are soo comfy! I know the more mature generation (mom, that's you) don't really understand the ripped jeans, but they will forever hold a special place in my closet, because I love them! Anyway hope you are having a great week! Be happy, and smile :)

(haha I swear this wasn't planned, but I had to throw it in here.... model wannabe?)

Jeans: AE
Gray Shirt: Under Armour old {similar} *Secret I love UA, I honestly always have something UA on*

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