Bunnies + Life

So I haven't really been able to get out to take pictures for outfits lately, so i'm going to talk about the newest member of my family real quick! :) Is anyone else obsessed with little animals or is it just me? Legit I have a board on my Pinterest called 'Farm Life' it's where I keep a collection of all the animals I someday want to own. My mom will deny this but it all started with her....

She sent me this picture one day and just to say I love you! Such a sweet mamma. But that sparked an idea. I INSTANTLY wanted something cute like this. So I took it to Twitter. I tweeted about how I wanted a bunny, a friend replied and within minutes we had decided we were going to buy a bunny! We did research on breeders, my friend found one and I emailed her. She sent me the following pics!

Umm yeah right then I fell in love! My mom and sister can confirm this because I was jumping up and down, dancing in the kitchen and singing a song about how I was getting a bunny! (by the way my mom is so far from happy about this, but I told her it was happening anyway so I think she gave up on the fight. Plus I just know she is going to love her) Within an hour of receiving these photos I had gone up to Salt Lake to put a deposit down and meet her! My friend and I met there and got to meet our bunny! We are naming her Chewbaca and calling her Chewy for short, cause she looks like a wookie! She has the softest fur and is just so cute!! We are picking her up April 11th when I go home for the summer, and I could not be more excited! Yes this excitement is a real thing, seriously Chewy is one of the top things I have been talking about the last week!

(first pic of chewy and I,  :) Aww I just love her)

Another thing well person that I am super grateful for is my sweetheart of a friend Michelle! She has kept me sane this semester and I am just so thankful for her. Whenever her hubby works we hang out, and even a lot when he doesn't. Third wheeling with married couples is so much better than people who are dating, just in case you were wondering. We have been friends since 8th grade, who would have thought we would end up in Rexburg Idaho together? Pretty sure this is the last place both of us ever planned on being. But we both love it, and make the best of it! Thanks for everything Chelley!! Love you!!:)