Aztec Eskimo

What up? What Up? I would tell you something exciting about life, but in reality it's pretty boring these days. I go to class, come back and do some homework, Netflix is one of my best friends. It just gets me and is always there for me no matter what. Shout out to Netflix. The weather here is soooo bipolar. Why did I call this post Aztec Eskimo? Because, that is what I feel like. I check the weather, it says snow and cold weather, so I dress semi warm but try not to look like an actual eskimo. But let me tell you, it's pretty awesome when you think it's going to be cold outside so you dress warm, and then... bam! It's not cold... So you walk to class and are burning up once you get inside the building. Oh well at least I had some style while I was frying on the inside!! Thank you Rexburg for this awesome bipolar weather, we love it! Sincerely all the students up here (spoken so sarcastic that it will never come through correctly via internet but you get the idea:) ) Secretly I'm okay with it though, because I like layers, long sleeves, and boots!

If you can't tell I REALLY like this necklace... So kinda stinks that it's not available anymore. But a gold chain link necklace can seriously be paired with almost anything! Can't beat that. I love this cardi, but I wish I would have gone down one size, it kind of fits big, but I still love it! The pants.... hold up, so great!! H&M saves me once again!!:) 19.99 for black jeans? Did I mention they have other colors? Yeah, prime steal right there! And they are comfy. Sometimes I ask myself if I actually have jeans on ;) but really they are GREAT! Ohhh and before I forget thank you SOOO much to Michelle for taking these pics. Check out her blog chadandmichellehamilton.blogspot.com where she writes super cute posts about her and her husband's adventures together! 

Cardigan: Bohme old {same here}
Shirt: Gap old {similar}
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Forever Young Shoes old {similar}


  1. you are such a cute lil blogger!!! I hope you are having fun with it :)

    1. Haha you are the sweetest!! It's so fun:) I'm loving it. I get so excited when you comment! Definitely has given me something to do.